Business Visa: 

Business Visa is for applicants who manifest and demonstrate sufficient ability to conduct business in Sierra Leone. Among others, visa application should be accompanied by an introductory letter from a credible company in the UK or a European country, outlining the purpose of the trip, the nature of business and contact in Sierra Leone. This letter should be addressed to:  Sierra Leone High Commission, Visa Section, London. The letter must explain all of the following:

  • Nature of business to be performed
  • Name and address of reference to be visited
  • Guarantee of return transportation and sufficient funds for the visit.
  • The letter should be signed by an officer of the company other than the applicant.

However, in a situation where an applicant or company has never invested and has no business contact in Sierra Leone, but has plans to do so, such applicant or company must provide evidence of credibility and financial standing together with hotel confirmation/reservation. There is no limit to the amount of money carried into the country but the amount should be declared at the port of entry.