Yesterday 23/07/21, the Sierra Leone Parliament voted to permanently ban the death penalty from our national law books!
Following the plucky repeal of the more than five decades old Criminal Libel Law, the enactment of this new legislation is another courageous step in a brand New Direction under the leadership of H.E. President Julius Maada Bio who is determined to move Sierra Leone forward and sanitise the nation with real courage and the best traits of humanity.

A leader is someone who is willing to make the right decisions in the interest of the general good and takes bold steps to better the life of the people.

From Education to Electrification, from encouraging Agriculture to building up our culture, from expanding our democratic space to strengthening key national institutions, this government is already setting brilliant records as it continues to tackle the difficult issues that have plagued our country for endless decades.

The road forward is not easy. Not by any means. But the way forward is clear and the light of hope is getting brighter for a country that has for so long been unceremoniously dumped in the darkness of deprivation, ignorance and political pettiness.

Sierra Leone is indeed emerging, and it needs the unadulterated support from everyone (including our development partners) for it to rise up to its fullest heights and allow its children to realise their natural potentials making our world a better place for all!